L​.​O​.​E. (Lyrics Over Everything)

by Dru B Shinin'

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Mixtape of all original music produced by EyeJay the Boy


released May 31, 2013

All songs written by Dru B Shinin' for Ben Shinin' ASCAP
All songs produced by EyeJay for Midi McFly ASCAP
Recorded by Paul "Giggy" Gordon for G1 Music
Album cover artwork by Jaclyn Gordon for G1 Graphics



all rights reserved


Dru B Shinin' Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Back to Basics
Back to basics like im back in the basement
im lying man im back in my spaceship and im flying man
always down to earth still im outer space
the crown like a pound of shake you ain't bout ta bake or make some hash
that shit should go in your trash living only to laugh this world owe me some cash
took a loss getting stopped by policeman
pay me in some happiness and we can call it even
guess im blessed i made it outta the precinct
i knew that that weed stinked life im trying to rethink
won the championship im trying to repeat
dribbling in between feet just like pistol pete
wrote this project same time as the truth tape
same time saving up to fix my girls tooth ache
..hitting juarez for a discount, real hiphop
and taking care of my loved ones that's what i been bout go get your pens out

ben shinin' call me benjamin shinin'
on my biggie and lox benjamin rhymin'
back wit more crack steadilly cooking for the fiends
...all american took it to the extreme
made a clasic album took a look at the king
gave up the crown still in your rook wit your queen
...inside a jail your homie finally seen
damn...up in my notebook was the dream i do it for my team
do it for myself up in the studio cigaretts ruin my health
i know my music felt then why my pockets low
put some dirt in my pockets hoping that my pockets would grow
you admire desire watching me flow
get inspired and take it higher and blow
up doe up windows down gotta get your
paper up homie then ya clown...now

I told irv i need me some tracks to write to
email em and ill convert em up in my itunes
mp3 to wave somethin i can type to
on my laptop like its better in the light two
...lyrics over everything, in the second grade
teacher telling my parents i had a special way
of writing words, mix that wit lighting erb
in the seventh grade, making sure that my bed was made
so i could hit the streets, seen alot of shit up in the streets where i lived
now i put that shit on beats,
yin & gang my parents living that cosby life
mix that wit rolling through the streets just like some yahtzee dice
...getting sauced like some chicken teriyaki rice
where i used to skate folks scrapping like hockey fights
..hope none of us never see the penalty box
this ain't a movie like 20 century fox this my life
Track Name: L.O.E.
I hope i never catch a federal charge
i hope my city never gets them fuckin medical cards
I hope i never catch a federal charge
i hope my city never gets them fuckin medical cards so why
you rap about hustling...huh its all i fuckin did
told you on 4hm i's up till 4am under the moon
my girl wanna jump over the broom i tell her soon but first i gotta boom
blow up get paid she tell me man you dreaming you should grow up today
i don't know what to say but i know that you lay in the bed that you make
you gotta eat and digest all the bread that you bake
and i never been fake homie i always i believed
eventually sun shines the dark days el leave the harp plays for gs
cuz g's go to heaven, shout out to my folks who keep rolling sevens
on they first roll.....people that purp blow exhale and church go
the reason i work for so i can give you a ring
i can get you the dress i can give you the things like we can get an address
somewhere other than this i know its hard finally coming to grips
wit the fact that you in love wit a kid addicted to dream chasing
flipping and green slanging always im speed racing least i ain't free basing
be patient promise a better life
great girlfriend know she'll make a better wife
swear that we goin make it out the struggle you can bet me twice nothing less will suffice
all the struggle in my life put em in these songs
all the struggle in my life i put em in these songs
all the struggle in my life i put em in these songs
....a little marijuna used to put it in the bong
get high float away
but now i hear the beat and it motivate
me to get up on my grind no debate
need no gucci shit man polo straight
crooked world no ones straight in my palms hold my fate till my pockets over weight
...hands clean looking like i never sold an 8th
i was always told to wait i responded no i can't
i was always told to wait i responded no i can't
up in the studio man im pulling rank
people ask advice they respecting just how your homie thank
help em wit they song order, and the flow still nastier than some bong water
favorite song nas daughters
as im recording this i admit
lyrically that im bored as shit
so im some long verse skip the chorus shit pedal to the floor and shit
undocumented work muthafuck coporate shit for the less fortunate
local business wit dollars ill be supporting it...download this torrent shit
pussy under brain money over fame
dru b shinin smg lyrics over everything
Track Name: Sam Cooke
I know it probably takes a while but im gonna change my style
no more marijuana like a rihanna imma take a bow
bow out the game proud of the change that im trying to make
they making it hard swear to god homie they tyring to break
my spirit and my soul lyrics i let em flow
wit low dow my polo faded i let em know
....it doesn't matter how much paper you put in your pockets
only matters what you put on the paper guess i forgot it
uh my empires in flames and homie I am to blame my only hope is that crisis bring change i hope it do
people say change the only constant my brother really hoping its true
i went from bad up to good now im bad again
roll the dice we like mice in a labarinth
how you gonna deal with all the pain and the strife make a change my advice just a day in the life

addicted to the game and the fame and the money
they throw you in that thang homie aint nothing funny
yall don't feel my pain man it rains when its sunny
sorry sam cooke but a change isn't coming

I went from slanging sticky smoke to writing on these sticky notes
in between customers at batteries plus
this is for the hustlers that have to adjust
to legal doe from dirty digits eating lunch in thirty minutes legal work im working wit it
sure is different from the grind slanging sacks to rayovaks
on both shoulders satan sat talking in my ear, sorry i don't hear you
got me feeling anxious like them cops up in my rearview
u never hustled they stopped u after a beer or two
how does it feel your stomach in knots
imagine metal round your wrist homie cuffs not a watch
you probably got a lil sack stuffed up in your sock
compared to a trunk full a pot homie its nothing
got me stressed out every hour im camel crushing
i am adjusting promise ill change my life
lord knows what i would do if your homie just couldn't write but i can

gotta bend the rules just to make it in my shoes
to pay dues and rent then the rules getting bent
so a little weed still supplements income
paranoia in my stomach when the fuckin pigs come
Track Name: Crown Vics
Fools fight for peanuts and pennies seen it to many times
getting high drinking henny eating at denny's
in the parking lot bullets ringing from semi's
police pull up it empties and people just get to dipping
they notice it like a Bentley notice it before any
Lamborghini Ferrari more than any Bugatti
Mercedes up in a lobby show room up in a snobby
dealership in the snottiest part of your town
aint no kings in it but they call it a crown, victoria
go from euphoria to paranoia or they just annoy ya
get behind ya make ya drive slow cuz the hydro in your side door
.............fuckin wit me cuz they board
.............fuckin wit me in that ford
crown victoria, need help they bout ignoring ya
smell weed they bout reporting ya haters

Fuck em let the law end cuz we simply get the raw end
coffins open dump em all in

I say the war shouldn't stop until these muthafuckin cops body rott

for them crown vics im always watching
mad they started selling them shits at the auctions
its unfair man its unfair
no cherries on them cop cars now a days its hard to compare
in your rear view can't get a clear view
can't tell its the muthafuckin cops until they near you
relieved thought he was the police he just another
muthafucka about to blow tree...hold up
..............you bout to stop my shit
your shit better have cherries up on top of it
thought yall was suppose to be policing
between that and them photo-cameras you muthafuckas cheating
.............try to catch ya speeding
pull you over smell some weed and then they get to cheesing
acting like bitches on some muthafuckin maxi pads
hate crown vics so much i even hate taxi cabs

Caprice classics fuck em to
Dodge chargers fuck em to
Tahoes fuck em to
you like cops fuck you to
Track Name: Kwik Shop Hip Hop
Strippers ass back up on me, pants still saggin on me,
keep a rack up on me recording up at my homies crib
to the cops in the black and white taxi cabs patrolling
fuck yall ill make bologna out you pigs
no beef turkey only pork no mercy put em on my fork
chew em up and spit em out or swallow em and shit em out
dru b shinin' let me show you what the kid about
im on my living everything that i spit up out my mouth shit, i be about shit
fifty dollar bills always fuckin up my count shit,
put em with two dubs and a ten and put em at the end
washingtons go to wifey lincolns is what you spend
its that kwik shop hiphop spitting for the liquor store watch the homie get props
do yourself a favor shut up all your big talk or just watch clap rim shot...

you don't really know me so pay me what you owe me homie i be on my grind
and i be on my own shit and you could never clone it cuz you could never write these rhymes
you don't really know me so pay me what you owe me homie i be on my grind
and i be on my own shit and you could never clone it cuz homie you can't write these rhymes

I never gave a fuck, roll purple haze in blunts
chasing buck hope im never placed in cuffs again
got up out of county they like thank you come again
keep some gangstas and some sociology majors, as my friends
so i go dumb and im smart to
yall catch bullets wit your teeth bitch i be catching harpoons
cartoon animation yall on some fake shit
carton camel blazing everyday shit
stressed shit, best out in the town
most love rest doubt that the crown
fit on my head, i might piss in a cup but yall piss in the bed catch a clip to the head
..............through the wrists jesus bled
by the roman government which be the feds
now a days cowards play power politics
crucifying brothers cuz they caught wit chronic bricks what the fuck

you don't want a cold war of words like the soviets
get your ass kicked by afganis wit the opiates
i can tell if a stacks short just by holding it
get money and diss rappers when appropriate
Track Name: All I Need ft. A-Roy
Can't afford new clothes so I make up these new flows
when yall was buying shoes i was buying these videos
I can dumb it down or i can make it more lyrical
really just depends on the beat that i get from irvin
he be in the studio synthetic he burning
dosia like religion to cuddy he giving sermons
on how you shouldn't smoke that no clue why i wrote that
i just write whats in my brain and you can quote that
blow stacks on fabric thats tatted wit brand names
but underneath that fabric don't matter you still a lame
and i ain't gonna lie man i'd trick if i could
got some stacks in my pocket still broke its understood
by my real folk moving kill smoke in the hood
...or in the burbs don't matter they love the erb
no matter which side of the tracks they buying the sacks
use it to buy tracks didnt use it to buy slacks...i dont slack man

You got some new shoes homie thats old news
tricking money off at the boutique so he can't pay his dues
all i needs some dickies and nikes and ralph lauren
need no vacation long as im out touring
so all that bullshit i don't need it I don't need it All I need is some new rhymes

Typing on my laptop sorry no phone writing
im sorry but that shit is to slow that phone typing
my brain move to fast i used to just flip them sachs
what i did with the cash invested up in some tracks
............................addicted like this some crack
addicted to scripting raps to intricate for the wack
im on some next level shit
corporate company embezzlement
white collar crime but hit the streets and still peddle shit
cuz you love the grind i did this project strictly only cuz i love to rhyme
all american designed to blow your mind industry rappers we show em how
to balance pop appeal wit skill i stole the crown
.............wore it for a minute
got a little bored so im back on my independent
........shit.....ha..radio raps weak
working on the truth tape wit a-roy homie as we speak

to boost your releases buy you some guest features
and leave the tag attached to the song like its some sneakers
just cuz its costing a lot don't make it dapper
you ain't nice just cuz you paid you a famous rapper
so all that bull shit I don't need it I don't need it All I needs a verse from Roy

I got to figure out my business formulate a caper
a brothers straight suffering from lack of having paper
rich rappers bucking at awards shows
im on my knees praying for duckets only lord knows
if imma ever get out of this debt
but you can bet your last dollar you won't ever see this player break a sweat
cuz im smooth at killing 16s while EyeJay break your neck
I ain't cool wit sucker emcees yall never been a threat
violate the trill nigga code im from TX
im patient till a label prints them digits on a check
not yet...huh...maybe never
that ain't goin change the forecast i reign through any weather
get it? i said i reign through any weather
and my crown is always shining like my partner skin is yellow
A-Roy & Dru B Shinin' check the method
we shine bright and keep yall buggin cuz the light is so fluorescent
Track Name: Deserve Better
Used to hit up yahoo news or BBC
more than i would watch the tube or BET
try to learn this world around me, all i ever learned is this world is fuckin crowded
not enough houses for everyone to have home, but enough straps for everyone to hold the chrome
no money for a loan no money from the bank
for you to build a home but plenty money for tanks plenty money for bombs
money to hunt sadaam and money to fight Iran and
money to get bin laden
never underestimate the money that they be having
50 million reward if you kill em or if you grab em
put a hand up you ever counted a rack kid
50 mill do you got a clue how many racks that is
guaranteed every senator gets a pedicure
if not him then his wife but no money to give to medi-care what the fuck

So many people that i know know know know
So many people that i know know know know
So many people that I know deserve better
this is an umbrella to help you get through the worst weather

Share my pain through multi-syllable rhymes
and hyper hypocritical lines
like a cia sniper wit a visual im
taking shots at these muthafuckin regan hypocrisies that say money trickles down
only thing that trickles down are tears off the side of her face before they hit the ground
tired of feeding her babies curly fries
working drive thru late at night thinking ill surely rise
get my order im looking up in her eyes perty eyes
makes me just, wanna sever my worldy ties
with everything all of this can go to hell
bout to make a dynamite bomb and then ill go to shell
know that shell gas leaves plenty Africans scarred
really all i want is the money back on my card
they over charged me 80 bucks and won't refund it
i went up in that bitch cussing like i deserve better

Top-City, Fort Worth, Kansas City and Dallas Man
all across the globe people struggle to earn cheddar
to the the little kid victims of human trafficking
put a fist up in the air cuz you deserve better
Top-City, Fort Worth, Kansas City and Dallas Man
all across the globe people struggle to earn cheddar
to the the little kid victims of human trafficking
put a fist up in the air cuz you deserve better
Track Name: Reconsider
Reconsidering all of them weed deliveries
not to say i was wrong or try to play on your sympathies
but to say that its interesting
since i quit i been broke yet more richer, hustling score quicker than 9 - 5, 10 - 6, 8 - 4
drive past batteries plus i hate the store,
cleveland county jail dog i hate it more, in oklahoma man that state is poor, they waiting for you to pass the speed limit, hope you have it
something illegal whatever man they just hope to grab it
5 miles over still slower than the flow of traffic
pulled me over bastards hand cuff clasped it
..............................around my wrist
told me just to give em some names but i ain't bout to snitch
.............just take me to the jail
same folks i didn't tell on didn't help me wit my bail

Reconsider that Reconsider this
if you locked up just think of all the shit that you'll miss

Confined to a cell time slower than a snail
....shoulda sent that dosia through the mail
cuz hustlers have a short lifespan, bout to change my life man think im bout to wife san
from interstate 35
to working at a 9-5 fuck it man ill survive
and not just survive but ill strive to make my life more richer
lookin at my girl like which metaphor fit her?
probably time spend more wit her, go to the store wit her
usually i kick it wit death like morticia
my girl crying on the couch she need more tissue
play her like a game forfeit her, never that if i never stack again
ill build my empire off smiles laughs and grins, not back up on my hustle bitch but im back again

it ain't like in federal prison im bout spend my life
but we all accountable for the way that we spend our life
you spend it right you may prevail
you spend it wrong you lay in jail on a steel bed
paper thin cushion you alive but you feel dead eating old stale bread
dreaming bout brisket you get from rail head
time is money man you hit it on the nail head
spend your time like you spend your money
you put your hands in dirt then i promise you'll get em muddy
your fingernails getting cruddy.... man clip them shits
only get so much time how you gonna spend the shit
think of time like money in your account
but know police is out they trying to freeze accounts
they pull you over in your car
put a cuff up on your wrist like a hold up on your card
Track Name: Discman
Try to keep my mind on the mission ridahz ambition
muthafuckas sleep like vipers done bit em vicodin venom
i continue writing prescriptions and fighting the system right in the midst a
muthafuckas who frauding biting my writtens up
you sound faulty trying to spit em
extra fruity like a sprite wit a lemon im tired of dissing rappers unable to diss back
your label the shits wack, toss tornado's at my label my label is intact
huh and I don't even give a shit
life a fucking bitch man i only ever give her dick & balls
to them virgins of burning you need to get them drawls
buy an 8th twist it all chase it wit a menthol and sip a tall can
my homie in a fight then i get involved damn
you twittering your songs but the shit is all spam
when it come to hiphop in this city i got the shit that the critics all jam
........this is all planned battle planning wit the generals who shop at dollar general
its like we up in zion preparing to fight the sentinels
wrex dub up in the lab mixing his chemicals
highly analytical rhyming all of my syllables
you can tell i, only used to like phonte kweli pharohe peplove & elzhi
even weed got a date that you gotta sell by
...if not its the date you inhale by syllable Jedi let lyrical lead fly
............competition i've driven and sped by i've risen and said bye to the fake and hello to the papes.......................or ill see you in a minute
might not see you on a major but ill see you independent
when i see you bet i greet you wit a smile spend you on a sea do
hit a island serving seafood buy my girl something see through
....................................its a funny thought
me talking to money but fuck it they say that money talks
so i talk back met her through these chron sachs
first time money personified in a nas rap
in the 90's where they wore white sox hats, and raiders shirt
man quick to lay you in the dirt, hit me if you blazing purp
i swear im never late to work just hit me and we'll meet at the parking lot by the asian church
Track Name: Some Other Shit
Well God Help Me, Marijuana nothing you could tell me
county jail in oklahoma where them haters held me
came out to a couple truth tape tracks they helped me
clear my mind, your life cannot compare to a year of mine
tell the judge Im fearing no time but fear my mother crying
another rhyme for the world spent some time wit my girl gotta a little rusty
keys on my laptop little dusty its nothing dust em off
competitors are fuckin soft missed your chance to take my spot
door was kinda open now they closing homie gates is locked
sorry for ya, couple rappers in my basement still i gotta torture
like dexter tape em to the table for hating on my label
im satan wit a halo
i was weighing dro when yall was playing with play dough
watching for cops in plain clothes
make doe however im independently grinding change flows whenever forever infinite rhyming
put a hand up in the air if you identifying with what i say
get high without a blunt of the haze another day in my life spread wings im in flight
get a thought then type testing my reflexes
wake up eat rappers then eat breakfast
sick like mosquito's in mesquite texas im on some other shit
fresh like some double mint middle fingers to governments dumpin clips on them innocent kids
for the fuck of it more for the bucks they get radio rap i don't fuck wit it
im not about it
really only liked mac and fiend in no limit days
favorite bone thugs off the flow homie i been amazed
now a days life is so good bumpin this nas shit
irv said if you gonna do this project get back on your kweli shit conscious shit mixed wit getting locked up for some chronic bricks loosing chunks of doe
dropped the truth tape a month ago
im back on it Shakespearean sonnets astonish
with conscious hiphop that you get from me and roy
tell the rich white man to keep me employed
don't wanna go back to the streets though i was loving it...now a days im on some other shit...

Looking for a reason looking for a reason looking for a reason why
nobody wanna fuck wit me nobody wanna fuck wit me i think i know why cuz im on some other shit im on some other shit till the day i die
they can not fuck wit me the they can not fuck wit me and this is why im on some other shit
Track Name: Praise Paper
No inspiration found in this god forsaken town
get some make up clown put it on parade around
like the sun is shining but really under the greyest clouds
everybody is guilty devil we make him proud
..................everything a facade
the muthafucka is wack but everybody applaud
.....................cuz homie he got them ends
or homie got an in or homie he got a friend
at a...radio station homie get you a spin
so when you get around homie pretend that he the best out
act like you the shit and you never get stressed out
you a girl wit nice tits better pull your breast out
keep your rhymes about getting money and throw the rest out
you in a game my brother where only bread counts
count your bread be about your federal notes never go broke
praise paper like the heavenly ghost uh huh

ain't life a fucked up game without the green
dollar dollar bills yall dog i need all my change
....oh so lovely gotta get gotta get get mo money

such a hypocrite got my teacher certificate
never taught me a class cuz money im used to getting it
money im used to getting it quick quicker than that
legal 9 to 5 im used to flipping them sachs
say money rule the world money rule the earth
money rule the hook now money it rule the verse to
...ask lupe, 0 seven superstar dropped
and people up at atlantic were like hoo-ray
...............and then these muthafuckin heir branes
didn't like his verses so they took him off airplanes
...........................check the changing times
wanna get up in the game better learn to change your rhymes
...................when lasers dropped
underground heads thought lu was a punk
but everybody gotta dumb down everybody dumb down
except for eminem man he do what he want uh

everybody that i knew growing up sold buds
for the love of money we bumpin bone thugs
for the love of money we bumpin bone thugs
for the love of money we bumpin bone
everybody that i knew growing up sold buds
for the love of money we bumpin bone thugs
for the love of money we bumpin bone thugs
this is how we grew up homie this what i told the judge
Track Name: Wu-Tang Manual
Like cliff fuck the pin man im staying free
they never been the type of men that they claim to be
they say they devils but they hanging where the angels be
they say they shooters but they always scared to take the three
...................game is on the line they going change they mind
....say they hutlers but they never slanged a dime
.....back in the day they clowned you if you was rapping phony
now a days you lying they gonna give you platinum trophy
................................best that you can hope is gold
if you tell the truth that means five hundred thousand sold
.............................which means five hundred thousand know
....it ain't about your image man its all about your flow
............hypocritical little bit im about my doe
............i been focused since 28 like an ounce dro
or 26 like two missing and shit my new mission to get
my crew living legit
licks take improv you stick to the script
licks take improv you stick to the script
licks take improv you stick to the script
licks take improv what you know about it
no matter who hand you paper man you should know to count it
wasn't born in the top id be your accountant
CFO some shit like that shit
getting doe not flippin packs
.........but fuck it my education it came
in the streets top city remains
in my heart weed was by my balls
money on my mind degree is on my wall hey

Im off that wu tang manual
i bring the fuckin fire butane flammable
Im off that wu tang manual
i bring the fuckin fire butane flammable
like Hussein and a rope
they found me underground wit money went and put the noose up on my throat
threw me gainst the ropes closed lined hit me wit the turnbuckle all cause my erb hustle
crack dictionaries you'll see my face by the word struggle
synonmys the people i love i got earn double
learnt trouble el find you if you go lookin for it
made classic albums you should look for torrents Hey
man i pray my sound is enduring drop another soon as paul
bounce me a version
you might see it one day on soundcloud when you surfing the net
lil rappers never earning respect, no courage to step
i rhyme like im bursting a tech, words that reflect life that i live
stripes that i earned, mics that i burned,
life like a gamble rolling dice as a kid i never crapped out
worked at a bank but where i stack count was in the streets
running wanna compete
you left in the dust,
yellow flag for you but the checkered for us mic collecting no rust
arrested in cuffs told detectives to suck my dick
Track Name: Still Dreaming
And let the headlights beam
you can kill me but can't dead my dreams
and i rep my team
tell em work hard you expect nice things
hey in this ugly life
I seen dark days the sun ain't bright
doing wrong to get your money right
when your money tight
life is fuckin hard you goin run or fight
are you gonna rise or succumb to life
is you the og or the busta type
life a fucking gamble so chuck the dice man ain't nothing nice
catch me in the streets man im running lights red ones
i like all presidents as long as they some dead ones
id even like george bush
close to the edge homie so don't push....still dreaming

this my hiphopheadhustler style
thinking back to those times i drove hundreds of miles
thousands of miles chasing my dream
albums came out we made it routine
to come with our best shit innovative next shit
listening to 4hm tell im on some stressed shit
couple thousand dollar loss shit...you ever
roll your window down and toss bricks...running from
the cops shit loosing all you profits uh
just some livin in the top shit uh
cuz of me my brother stopped by policeman
and he getting searched why cuz i stopped dreaming
wrex washington said them my best lines
listening to 4hm tell em those were stressed times
that ain't dreaming man thats scheming they ain't the same
bout to make dmp and change the game

back then i couldnt write if i wasnt in my car
till greg started coming wit his guitar
to irvs out, add one not sure how it would turn out
all i know im bout to show em what these words bout
same time dmp penning burnt out live it up
looking at the streets bout to give em up
looking at these rappers bout to hit em up
4hm me on my grind
add one me clearing my mind
dmp was a little bit of both
lyrically was me showing my growth
round then becoming one of the nicest
xtc becoming one of my vicest
wit me these fuckin rappers started beefing
theres always goin be bullshit you gotta keep dreaming
Track Name: Try Again
Im bout to try again, on this road to success just let your tires spin, i begin
amending my life starting all over sparking the dosia not
im facing charges cuz of oklahoma cops
they charging me intent to distribute
i say im trying to pay my rent and contribute up to the world
and you can hate but i was trying at least my philosophy never understood by the police
look at the beast they feast picking they teeth on people that they sweep off of the street
this is the environment that your homie was trying in
you stood beside of him you could feel the fire within desire the win so much
i go up even when im falling so what like rawlings ill bounce up build it from the ground up
empires that is they like the way i spoke like dayton wire rims...now

so keep trying watch for police sirens
stay cautious weigh all your options when you deciding
what your next move is, as for me my apartments where a recluse live the next couple months
take some time to my self redefining my style
like i ain't seen dru in a while and then ill pop up
don't see me its safe to say that im locked up
this is how i deal wit the stress thats why its brought up
...in every line a revolutionary combined wit a street hustler darwinian times we in the grind
survival of the fit american translation survival of the rich
just trying to make my doe
trying like de la soul
the devil trying hard to take my soul no
never give my spirit up
till the next time keep your head and your lyrics up DRU
Track Name: Lyrics Up
Uninspired so sick no time to write at all
to everyone in the world im fuckin tired a yall
cop a pound im stressed im bout to light it all
everybody thats hating im down to fight you all
.................................i need a Tylenol
wanna stop smoking these squares but man i might with drawl
and be even worse
the only time el ever rest el probably be the hearse
fuck you if you need a verse
and you ain't roy, zeus, cuddy or wrex
a couple others there very few i respect
much love to every crew that i met
who kept it real we barely knew that you left
when your pussy ass stop coming around
lying on twitter like you running the town
to critics listening there's nothing profound up in this rap
im just venting give a fuck how it sound but i aint dumbin it down never

They knocked me down they knocked me down but still im getting up
ain't nothin changed ain't nothin changed im still goin live it up
you keep your lyrics up then one day you goin get your bucks
you keep your lyrics up then one day you goin get your bucks

Just fuckin around trying to clear my mind
no gold surrounding my neck but still my lyrics shine
no champagne bottle fuck it man beer is fine
preparing for the future know we goin see weirder times
recession turn to depression you still goin hear my rhymes
all these rappers thats chasing dollars el fall behind
stop rapping if there's no chance to get rich
or get you a groupie braud to put her hands on your dick
put you in a ambulance quick you weak hearted bitch
defibrillator shots cannot fix
weak hearts, these biters they teeth sharp
on top of that gotta watch for police cars no cherries on em
back in the day we used to bb gun and cherry bomb em
but now im cleaning up my act like im wit marry poppins
this like my thirteenth or fourteenth project im barely starting
cop the catalog and let it soak in like you terry clothin